Bigg Boss Julie is a model and actress who became famous after joining the reality show Bigg Boss S1. She was selected after a picture of her during the Jallikattu protest went viral. However, Julie received backlash for her actions in the show and ended up becoming a victim of constant trolls.

In her recent LIVE session with followers, Julie spoke about a new show called BB Jodigal which pairs contestants from all seasons of Bigg Boss to perform and compete against each other. Julie's pair is Sendrayan.

During her LIVE session, Julie was asked about another controversial starlet who became famous after Bigg Boss, Meera Mitun. Julie gave an unexpected reply by saying that she pities Meera Mitun.

"I think she doesn't know how to handle the negativity online," she explained before moving on to the next question. Check out the full video here:

Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Galatta & Bhaghi TV