Sanam Shetty is an Indian actress and model crowned as the first runner-up of Miss South India 2016. Following her pageant success, the star went on to star in her first film 'Ambuli'. Surprisingly, Sanam was later announced as the winner after the title was revoked from Bigg Boss contestant Meera Mithun.

Sanam started trending when her then-boyfriend Tharshan entered Bigg Boss S3 in 2019. However, their relationship didn't survive the public attention as Tharshan broke up with her after taking part in the show.

In a recent video after Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic demise, Sanam has spoken about her struggle with depression. Her face appeared bruised in the video, but she assured that it was the result of an accident.

"In the last two months, the number of suicides has increased. When I listen to stories like this, it reminds me of the incidents that happened in my life. Not only me, but many are also suffering as they can't handle it," Sanam began.

In the video, Sanam pleaded not to cheat or betray the trust of anyone as not everyone has the mental strength to overcome.

"I want to tell the guys. Please don't make a girl trust you and end up cheating her," she requested.

She admitted to having had a mental breakdown because of cyber-bullying. "I've only come out of it because of the support of my family and friends."

The actress also spoke about how Kollywood needs to support and recognise real talents who are struggling. She claims to have been exploited and given false hope before, and begs the industry to be more kind.

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Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla & Facebook