Popular anchor cum Bigg Boss S4 participant Archana Chandokhe recently went through a sudden brain surgery caused by a punctured skull.

The actress has finally returned home after the surgery and has taken some time off to focus on her recovery. Her daughter Zaara and sister kept updating about Archana's health conditions.

The Bigg Boss star shared about her condition after the surgery and revealed that she will be taking a break since her health is more important than her career. Her voice has changed after the surgery, but Archana assured that she's recovering well.

Talking about the negative comments on videos involving Zaara, Archana said that she knows how to raise her daughter.

"Don't waste your time by criticizing my daughter's every move. She's studying well, and whatever she's doing on YouTube is what she loves doing," Archana added.

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Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Archana's Instagram