Vadivelu is a comedian whose jokes remains evergreen even though the actor has only worked in several movies in the past decade.

Recently, the actor opened up about his first movie opportunity in Kollywood, and how he lost the important role to the then-top comedian Goundamani.

According to Cineulagam, Vadivelu first met actor Rajkiran at his friend's marriage function in a village.

Rajkiran who had a small conversation with Vadivelu was really impressed with his talent to make others laugh effortlessly.

Rajkiran was working on his next movie then and has approached Gaundamani to play the main comedian role, but the latter demanded higher pay.

Thus, Rajkiran contacted Vadivelu and asked him to be at the shooting location the next day.

But Goundamani attended the shooting and denied requesting for extra pay, and Rajkiran had no option but to give the main comedian role to Goundamani.

So Vadivelu ended up playing a small role in the movie 'En Rasavin Manasule'.

Source: Cineulagam