Bigg Boss Vanitha Vijayakumar is a TV personality who hit the headlines for many controversies in the past. Much recently, the actress shocked everyone by walking out of BB Jodigal citing harassment and bullying as reasons. Her partner on the dance reality show, Suresh Chakravarthy has to quit as well.

Following her exit from BB Jodigal, viewers were given a glimpse into the incident that might have fueled Vanitha's anger and decision to stop participating in the show. Vijay TV released several promos showing a clash between judge Ramya Krishnan and Vanitha.

Check them out here:

In the promos, Vanitha was not happy about judges Ramya Krishnan and Nakkhul's comments on her performance and asked them to not compare her to other contestants. However, the conversation turned into a heated argument with Ramya shutting Vanitha down by saying not to teach her how to judge.

While viewers are eager to watch the entire incident in the upcoming episode, Vanitha had an open talk on a YouTube live justifying her actions.

Take a look at the full video here:

Source: Vijay TV & Little Talks