Bigg Boss Tharshan's eviction from the show was a tragic incident for many of his fans. Since the start of the show, he was seen as a deserving contestant to win the Bigg Boss 3 title by many of his fans.

According to his ex-girlfriend Sanam Shetty, Tharshan was also 'visibly upset' after getting evicted. In an interview with Chennai Times, Sanam accuses Sherin as being the 'sole responsible person for his eviction'.

When asked about my opinion I give it! This has nothing to do with my personal situation at all. I saw what happened and I have my rights to express my views just like everyone else in the public has been doing for the past 100 days! PS: Iv been getting threatens by 'someone' after this writeup saying they will go to the press and make sure they break up Tharshan n me. Even after telling them im just out of hospital n resting! First of all @tharshan_shant n me are yet to talk and Im not sure where we stand at the moment. I respect his space and will support him in every situation as a well wisher in either ways. Wonder why these people r so insecure and evil minded. Remember all those times when I was asked to accept criticism? Then why cant u? #unfairbigboss #tharshanarmy #tharshantherealwinner #chennaitimestoday

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However, Tharshan's perspective changed after coming to the real world, he thinks he's the real winner despite the eviction.

In a recent video released on his Twitter profile, Tharshan thanked the love and support from his fans whom he fondly refers to as his family.

Talking about his shocking exit from the Bigg Boss house, Tharshan admitted that he's not sad because he has got more fans and love than anyone in the show.

"That makes me feel like the real winner," he exclaimed.

He also reminded his fans to vote for who they think deserves the title of Bigg Boss 3 instead of favouring a contestant out of pity. Watch the full video here:

Do you feel that Tharshan should have been in the finals and he deserved to win the show? Let us know in the comments!

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