Vanitha Vijayakumar and Peter Paul's marriage during the lockdown became one of the most controversial topics in Kollywood after Peter's first wife revealed that she's still legally married to him.

Vanitha who replied harshly towards everyone who's supported Peter's first wife decided to ignore the negative comments and move on with her life.

Now in a Vijay TV show titled 'Nammavar Kamal' which aired several days back, KPY Bala directly trolled Vanitha about Peter Paul, face-to-face.

Many applauded Bala for his boldness of saying such a thing to her directly since Vanitha is well-known for being short-tempered.

Vanitha and Bala have worked together in the 'Cooku With Comali' show and have been good friends ever since. Thus, Vanitha took his comments as mere jokes.
Check out this short clip from the show here: