Baakiyalakshmi is one of the trending serials on Vijay TV and is the official remake of a Bengali serial named 'Sreemoyee'. Starring KS Suchitra and VJ Vishal, the serial revolves around a soft-natured homemaker named Baakiya, who's subjected to ill-treatment by her husband Gopi and family.

Recently, actress Nanditha Jennifer who plays Gopi's ex-girlfriend Radhika was replaced by Bigg Boss Reshma. Many of the serial's fans were shocked with Nanditha exiting the hit serial.

Radhika was a much-loved character who's unaware that Gopi is Baakiya's husband. She supports Baakiya in many instances and wins the hearts of the serial's fans.

Talking about her exit from the show, Jennifer explained that her character will slowly become the villain of the series after this.

In her Youtube video, Jennifer admitted that she didn't want to tarnish her image and left the serial.

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Photo Credit: Hotstar & The Times of India