Actress Jyothika's upcoming film Rakshasi's trailer sent shivers down Kollywood's spine, especially in one scene where she breaks a glass bottle and threatens a man at a tea stall.

In this film, Jyothika is a school teacher who's willing to go great lengths to save her school from the greed of local goons and politicians. In her reincarnation as an actress after settling down, Jyothika has primarily focused in female-centric films like this, an absolute contrast to her roles before marriage.

In 2006, she stopped acting after her marriage to Suriya and started focusing on her family life. Her second innings happened through the film Magalir Mattum and she has been unstoppable ever since. Scripts are just coming her way with younger directors willing to experiment with female-led stories.

In her recent interview, Jyothika admitted she might have made some mistakes during her younger days as an actress.

"I was a 17-year-old child. Not matured enough to think about the kind of roles I was getting. Now, I get inspired by real life women. Being a mother and a wife, changed me," she explained.

Times are changing. She believes the notion actresses are only present to boost the film should be changed. Similar to Vidya Balan in Bollywood, Jyothika has set out to represent real women on-screen.

How did a cute and bubbly girl transition into this bold and fierce woman who's capable of carrying a film on her own?

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