In the age of social media, the TV industry and its stars have massively grown in popularity. Some well-known serial artists have fan bases that rival that of Kollywood actors and actresses. However, because TV stars are paid on a daily basis, the salary and payment fluctuate significantly.

In light of this, serial actor and comedian Raghavendran Puli, who plays a leading character in a popular TV serial, has stated that he's leaving the serial and the industry altogether.

"As the serial track changes, it appears that my character will not be substantial to the story. I don't think I'll be in many scenes. Despite being in the industry for 15 years, you can't even look up my name on YouTube," he said in an Instagram live video.

Raghavendran said that leaving the media profession was a difficult decision, but one that he had carefully considered. His parents have given him a lot of time and made a lot of sacrifices for him to succeed.

Many netizens sympathized with the actor and left supportive and comforting comments when he shared the video after his live session around a week ago. Despite having 28,800 followers (at the time of writing), the video barely received 3000 hits.

Watch the full video here:

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In another interview with an entertainment portal, Raghavendran stated that he earns lesser than a beggar.

"There's no salary in this industry. The month before last month, I only earned Rs. 6000 and how am I supposed to support my family with that money?" Raghavendran questioned.

Check out the rest of his interview, in which he discusses his 15 years in the media and the challenges he faced:

After a difficult, continuous struggle in the TV industry to make his mark; the actor appeared to have chosen his family over his career. We wish Raghavendran Puli the best of luck and hope that his talent is acknowledged before he leaves the industry.

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Source: Raghavendran's Instagram
Photo Credit: Chennai Memes & Hotstar