Bigg Boss fame Mahat Raghavendra recently shared the joy of becoming a father to his newborn son with Prachi Mishra on his social media.

Talking about Prachi's delivery, Mahat revealed that the couple chose a water birth in a labor room decorated with their childhood and wedding pictures. The room was also filled with fairy lights and soothing music to calm Prachi down.

"My parents were also living in Hyderabad for a while. So it became easier. We read up on the process completely before opting for it. I saw the baby coming out and he was looking at both of us. We teared up seeing him. It was a beautiful experience," he explained.

It has been over two days since their son graced the world and Mahat can't stop admiring their little bundle of joy.

"Everything happened so fast in our lives. We got engaged in 2019, had a dream wedding in 2020, and became parents in 2021. It’s been an eventful journey. Now, it’s been more than 48 hours since our baby arrived and we can’t stop admiring him," he expressed in his interview with Chennai Times.

The name of the baby hasn't been made official and Mahat assures that the naming ceremony will take place in the loving presence of their family.

Source: Chennai Times
Photo Credit: Mahat's Instagram