Over a week after VJ Chitra's demise, her parents spoke to the media regarding all the speculations surrounding her death.

"This is not suicide. It's definitely murder! We believe the police will find the truth. Chitra's fans will make sure she gets justice!" Chitra's mother told the media.

The parents also requested netizens and the media to stop spreading rumors about Chitra.

"She didn't buy properties after one year of earning money. She has been working in media for 8 years and we built the house slowly with the little money she earned. We have records and proof for everything. Please don't humiliate her by saying she earned money in improper ways," her parents pleaded.

Chitra's mother admitted that they fell for Hemanth's charm and sweet talk and truly believed that he would take good care of her.

"I trusted him and his parents promised to always stand by her side. But no, we lost our child and look where Hemanth's parents are. They are supporting their son," she added.

All the parents need now is the truth of what happened the night Chitra's died. They are still grieving from her lost and haven't found the strength to face the police and get details about her death.

"We haven't received any postmortem report or CCTV footage from police. We don't know what happened that night. Only God knows and the next person is Hemanth. We know our child will never kill herself," said Chitra's mother.

She also reconfirmed that Hemanth was feeling insecure and jealous because of the romantic scenes in Pandian Stores.

"I even called the story writer and requested to reduce intimate scenes since Chitra is engaged now. He was constantly pestering Chitra because of this. I suspect this might have blown up and caused a fight that night," she expressed.
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Source: Galatta
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz