Anitha Sampath is a famous newscaster who participated in the Bigg Boss S4 reality show. Initially, she was trolled by the viewers for being a crybaby, however, eventually, Anitha turned out to be one of the toughest contestants on the show.

After the show, Anitha resumed her life but remained active on social media. She called out users who practice hate speech and openly criticized trollers who took the Bigg Boss game show seriously.

Anitha's husband Prabhagaran is her biggest support and stayed with the newscaster throughout her tough times. Recently, the couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary and Anitha shared an emotional post thanking her husband.

The newscaster also revealed that she's been waiting for five years to hear the magic words, 'I Love You' from her husband.

Check it out:

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Photo Credit: Cine Settai & Anitha's Instagram