Remember this gorgeous actress from the hit mega serial Saravanan Meenakshi? Rachitha was part of the long-running Vijay TV serial as Meenakshi for several seasons.

When the show came to an end after 6 years, the actress released a teary video thanking her fans for their constant support. But, what's she doing now?

Rachitha teamed up with her husband Dinesh and is now starring in a new TV serial called Nachiyarpuram on Zee Tamil. The couple met and fell in love on another TV set years ago, and tied the knot in 2014. This is their first time acting together on-screen after getting married.

Meendum sandhitha Ungal Karthik ❤️Jothi #nachiyarpuram #nachiyarpuramonzeetamil Coming soon.... to spread d love....... ?

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Talking about their life together in a recent interview, Rachitha revealed her husband always gets caught lying to her about the silliest things.

"Every time he gets caught doing something fishy, it's usually because he lied. Mostly he gets caught lying to me about smoking," she added.

According to Dinesh, at times he feels guilty for lying to his wife and will eventually confess the truth to her.

"I've also stolen money from her purse whenever I'm broke. It's usually Rs 200 or 300, and I tell her about it after a while," he said jovially.

Their happy-go-lucky approach in the relationship and deep respect for each other make them a definite #CoupleGoals example. Dinesh and Rachitha continued to talk about their characters Karthik and Jyothi in the new serial Nachiyarpuram. Watch the full interview here:

Source: Cinema Vikatan
Photo Credit: YouTube