Chitra is a popular playback singer in the music industry, who is adored by many for her humble character and her serene voice. She was given the name 'Chinakuyil' after her song 'Chinnakuyil Paadum Paattu' became a hit.

Chithra landed the opportunity to sing at the tender age of 5. It was during her college days where Chithra got the opportunity to sing with Maestro Illayaraja. At first, she thought it was nothing but a joke when she was asked to meet the legendary music director.

Back then, and even today, singing under Illayaraja's composition is a big deal in the music industry. But things didn't go as planned for the singer. When Chithra met Illayaraja for a vocal test, it was nothing but a disaster:

"I couldn't sing properly at all! I was making a lot of mistakes, and I was unable to decide if he likes my singing or hate it. He gave no reaction," said the singer during an interview.

'Poojaiketha Poovithu' was the first song Chithra sang under Illayaraja's composition. But her 5th movie with the music director, Sindhu Bhairavi, got Chithra her first National Film Award.

She recalls how she had to miss her college exam that day, to sing 'Paadariyen Padipariyen'. And how the music director left the recording room so that she will be less nervous. But it became a habit, as he leaves the room everytime when had to record a song with her.

But besides Illayaraja, Chitra also had the privilege of meeting a small boy, a keyboard player at Maestro's studio.

"I was awestruck that a small boy plays the keyboard so well. He was the youngest and the most reserved one in the group," she recalls the moment meeting Isaipuyal AR Rahman.

During the recording for the movie 'Roja', Chithra finally realised that the then small boy has grown into a music director. Besides Illayaraja, Chithra has also sung many evergreen songs under the composition of AR Rahman.

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