Actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu is making waves with her bold role as Raji, a Sri Lankan Tamil liberation fighter on a suicide mission, in TV series The Family Man on Amazon Prime.

Speaking to Times of India, the actress opined that OTT platforms have helped erase stereotypes attached to artistes from the film industry.

"I don't think I would get a role as dark and layered as Raji in my recent web show, in a commercial film

"I would never had that chance. Because of OTT platforms, risky, unique, varied, interesting and provocatives toles have an audience," she said.

This, she added, had opened up the playfield for previously typecast actors.

"I was tired of playing the cute girl in every other film, and I believe I am not capable of doing that anymore. Actors like me are capable of a lot more and can show that when an opportunity presents itself."

The Family Man series, in which she stars alongside Manoj Bajpayee, has also opened up her door into Bollywood, said Samantha.

Asked on why she did not bother foraying into Bollywood earlier, the actress said that it was because she was trying to find a footing in the South earlier, and only gained confidence in her work in the last two years.

"I was still making bad choices and not doing the kind of work that satisfied me. Things changed a great deal in the last two years, and now, I am confident about accepting challenges.

"I don’t try everything and then see what works. I usually take time to perfect something before moving on to another challenge. That’s why it has taken me this long to get this far," said the actress, who just got out of a high-profile divorce with Telugu actor Naga Chaitanya last October.

Samantha's career has soared following her divorce, and she's been making even bolder choices on the professional front. Besides her rold in The Family Man, the actress has also performed an item number for the first time in Allu Arjun's 'Pushpa' and has signed her first foreign film.

Moving forward, Samantha said she will ring in the new year with her "great bunch of friends" who have kept her solid throughout the various challenges she underwent in the past year.

"I look forward to spending time with them, my dogs and most importantly, my mother. I think that will be great."

Source: Times of India
Photo source:, Hindustan Times