It has been over 4 months since VJ Chitra's shocking demise and her family and fans are still not ready to believe that the darling of the masses committed suicide.

Recently, Chitra's mother and father were allowed the visit the hotel room the actress was found dead and cried their hearts out after seeing the fans from which she allegedly hung herself and her belongings in the room.

After their visit, Chitra's parents refused to accept that their daughter died by suicide. They believe that many pieces of evidence in the room indicate it to be a murder.

"There's a big window in the room from which Hemanth (Chitra's fiance and legal husband) could have climbed out after murdering Chitra. The room is on the ground floor. Even I can climb out," her mother claimed.

The mother was shocked to see the height of the fan since she can reach it easily.

"The fan is easily reachable. I don't understand how Chitra could have hung herself and jumped off the bed. My daughter is taller than me!" she added.

She also believed that Hemanth blackmailed Chitra to get married to her and cheated her through sweet talk. She claimed that he's been doing this to many girls and her daughter is one of the victims.

"His parents knew he is a bad guy. But they kept quiet. They are hiding a lot of things. They have silenced everyone. They have closed the eyes of justice," the mother said.

She ended the interview saying that she's willing to burn herself in front of the CM's office for her daughter to get justice. Catch their full interview here:

Source: Behindwoods TV
Photo Credit: Galatta