Even before entering Bigg Boss Season 3, Kavin was a well-known face among the TV audience. He was the main character in Vijay TV's hit serial 'Saravanan Meenatchi' and hosted a few programmes on the channel.

During the Bigg Boss show, Kavin got entangled in a love triangle with fellow contestants Losliya and Sakshi. Many of his fans were rooting for Kavin and Losliya to get together after the show, however, it was rumored that Losliya's parents didn't approve of their relationship.

Both the stars have refrained from talking about the status of their relationship to the media. They didn't even make any appearances together and completely avoided each other at any Bigg Boss-related events. Despite being active on social media, they have carefully avoided posts with any reference about each other.

Recently, Kavin posted a throwback video of his 'galatta' or fun with his friends. Here's what he posted:

Sila varshathuku munnadi government order laa illama naanae enna quarantine pannikutapo senja video idhu.. ! Moral of the story : Na summa irundha, summa iruka maataen.. Pazhi vaanguvaen.. ? @damodharanmanivannan Love u da.. ?

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We are unsure if the caption has any underlying meaning but it seems like his short-lived Bigg Boss love story is a thing of the past. Both the stars seemed to have moved on to focus on their family, friends, and careers.

Source: Instagram
Photo Credit: News Jizz & Yoyo TV