Anitha Sampath is a newsreader who's become one of the controversial Bigg Boss contestants of this season.

Despite her effort to constantly give content in the show, she got eliminated after losing her temper with her fellow contestant Aari.

Anitha who always argues with her housemates unnecessarily ended up arguing with Bigg Boss during her exit from the show when she refused to break her piggy bank.

As per the Bigg Boss rules, evicted contestants should break their piggy bank and distribute the coins to others before leaving the show.

Anitha, however, argues with Bigg Boss saying that she has imagined the piggy bank as her husband for over 80 plus days and would not break it.

After a few requests, Bigg Boss finally orders Bala to break the piggy bank as per the rules.

This is the first time in the show that someone has argued with Bigg Boss himself.