In conjunction with the International Women's Day which falls tomorrow, Astro caught up with RAAGA hosts Ahila and Revathy to know their hopes and aspirations.

The interview is as follows:

What does the 2022 International Women's Day slogan #BreakTheBias mean to you?

Ahila: Women have constantly experienced bias, be it in their professional, or personal lives. I hope this year's slogan #BreakTheBias will create the necessary awareness and change.

Revathy: A world free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination.

Can you relate #BreakTheBias to you career and personal life and how do you embrace it?

Ahila: I should consider myself as one of the lucky ones who have never experienced any bias in my life. My parents have always given me the freedom of choice to do what I think is right and best for me. They never limited me from doing anything just because I am female. The same goes to my husband who believes women should be independent and should be able to live their lives without depending on their partners too much. I have been given equal opportunities in my workplace as well.

Revathy: I created my own path without waiting for chances although have encountered biasness in my life. I have always decided to be a strong woman.

Is there anyone/woman icon that inspires you to live up to this years theme?

Ahila: My grandmother, the Late Madam Sarojini and mom Madam Sheyamala. My grandmother was a single mother but she didn’t use that as a reason to whine, but rather, she focused her energy in bringing up her grandkids and instilling great virtues in them. My mother has always been a non-conventional person. Being a businesswoman all her life, she is my biggest inspiration to be independent and emotionally strong.

Revathy: I would say my mother, Velu Manggai Naachiyar and Jhansi Rani.

Please share your International Women’s Day greeting/message to your fans.

Ahila: A very Happy Women’s Day to all ladies out there. Let’s not let others belittle us and stand up for our fellow women when they are belittled.

Revathy: Treat all equally and embrace all women. Encourage their talent. We’re born to live and let’s create history!