In the episode right before Bigg Boss Madhumitha's shocking exit from the show, the housemates were given a task to perform for an introductory video to be posted on the Hello app.

Some of the housemates sang songs, while others came up with catchy dialogue. Abhirami was crowned as the best performer of the task.

While Bigg Boss didn't telecast what Madhumitha performed in the task, that's exactly where the problems started. She recited a poem which involved asking for rain since Chennai has been deeply troubled by a water shortage.

Here's how the poem goes:

"Varuna bhagavaanum Karnatakaavai sernthavaro, thanneerai mazhai vadivil Tamil Nadukku thara marukkiraar?"

Translation: Is Lord Varuna (God of Sky and Oceans) from Karnataka as well since he's refusing to give water in the form of rain to Tamil Nadu?

She said some of the housemates politicised her poem and caused her to suffer from depression and do certain acts even without realising it.

"Which part of the poem do you feel is political? There's no rain, no water in my state. I'm praying to God every day for rain. Even Vanitha and Kasthuri who came from outside told me there's extreme water shortage. So, I was angry with my God and I just used these words in the poem," Madhumitha said.

"Since the incident will not be telecasted, I want the public to know what happened and why 8 people harassed and ragged someone who spoke about this state's water crisis," she explained.

The actress claimed she has been targeted by the housemates since Day 1 of the show because of her boldness in expressing her thoughts and doing what's right.

"I've always strongly expressed that even if you can't make your parents happy while being on the show, make sure you don't become the reason for their mental distress. This is the gift I got in return for bravely expressing my thoughts," Madhumitha exclaimed.

Catch her full interview about the events surrounding her abrupt exit from Bigg Boss 3 here:

The elimination of Bigg Boss Madhumitha from the show has been riddled with many questions. We have learned only one side of the story, but it's only fair if the show clarifies speculation and reveals the real events which drove the actress to harm herself and eventually leave the show.

What are your thoughts on her interview?

Source: Behindwoods
Photo Credit: Galatta, News Bugz, Indiaglitz & Behindwoods