Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu is a local Tamil thriller series shown on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202) throughout March.

We spoke to the director of the series and its cast members to find out the inspiration and aspirations for the show.

Director, SD Puvanendran

What is your inspiration behind Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu?

The plot itself was the biggest inspiration as it features a conflict between science and fiction.

The subject matter of ‘never ending’ spiritual and scientific explorations create curiosity.

Yesteryears TV series such as 'Marmedesam', 'Vidathu Karuppu', 'Rudra Veenai' and 'Chidambara Ragasiyam' served as guidance as well.

Can you share any significant memories while directing Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu?

A temple with significant features was vital for the script. Thus, when we came across the Sri Mel Malayanur Anggala Parameswary Amman Temple in Jeram, Kuala Selangor, it became the core attraction of the series.

Acquiring the blessing and permission to shoot in that temple was the most significant memory which will last forever.

What are your hopes for this series?

I hope to satisfy and reach audience across various age groups, as the spiritual mystery genre of this series us somethingf new in the local entertainment arena. I hope the series will kickstart a demand for such experimental gentres to be attempted in the future.

Cast members: Vinoshan, Cellina Jay, Moon Nila & Saint TFC

Please tell us about the roles you play in Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu

Vinoshan: I played the role of 'Kairav', a journalist cum senior cameraman who plans to create informative content on YouTube, along with his friend Amsa, after both of them get fired from their jobs. They attempt to solve the mystery of a 200-year-old temple. Kairav's character is very close to me, as it is very close to my natural character. This helped me play the role with ease.

Cellina: I played Amsa, a bold journalist who's suspicious of everything. I was intrigued to play this character as Amsa was courageous, determined, and very mysterious.

Moon Nila: My part in this series was very challenging, as I played nine different roles, including as an elderly woman. I did my homework to do every character justice, in terms of modulation, looks, and the characterization process. Additionally, I became a vegetarian for 100 days to prepare myself for the devotional series. I would say that the role was my dream, and very close to my heart. I'm glad that I did my best.

Saint TFC: My debut role as Manohar was quite challenging for me, as he was a corporate person, a vengeful atheist, yet a loving father and husband, and principled and loyal employee.

Can you recall your experience acting in the series?

Vinoshan: It was a fun journey. I've been in the industry for 10 years but this was my first time working under SD Puvanendran. I truly enjoyed his style of extracting the best performances from the actors. Besides, I also gained additional information and knowledge while working on the series. Cellina was a tough competitor and I'm happy that I gave my best to match her performance.

Cellina: This was my first time playing a lead role, and some of the challenges I faced include relaying the character well, complete with the body language, and delivering long, factful dialogues. However, I managed to pull through, thanks to the guidance from the director and his team, as well as my co-stars.

Moon Nila: Besides acting, I was also played the role of an assistant director in this series. I have received positive feedback for my acting from the audience. I would say that being a part of this series is truly a blessing from the Universe and the Almighty.

Saint TFC: I loved the story of this series and the process of making it come alive. I'm lucky I have had the opportunity to work with amazingly talented actors in my debut project in acting.

You can catch up on Iraivi Thirumagal Kaadu on Astro GO, as well as On Demand.