Big Stage Tamil is a great effort to address a gap in the entertainment industry that has existed for almost as long as the industry itself - the discovery of new talent. We scouted 11 singers from the online sphere and offered them the opportunity to perform on stage in front of the 'Fantastic Four of Big Stage Tamil' - notable music celebrities from the local industry, including Punitha Raja, Dr. Burn, Shameshan Mani Maran, and Raaga's Ram.

We got together all the judges (almost everyone, Shameshan joined us virtually) at the recent event at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to launch the 'Big Stage Tamil' reality singing competition, and here's what they had to say about the show:

Shameshan: "This is my first appearance on a TV show, my TV debut, and it was obviously a challenging one. I have a principle where I'd prefer to comment on someone's performance without hurting them while still ensuring that they get my feedback. It was quite a challenge for all four judges, who had different expectations of the contestants, to relate to them. It was interesting to learn from the other three judges."

Dr. Burn: "This season's participants were all great, and I really enjoyed the journey. I admired the show in the same way that the audience would. There were explosive arguments, a lot of emotions, a few disagreements, and a lot more things. It will be one-of-a-kind. Personally, I enjoyed the show, and I feel the audience will like it as well."

Punitha Raja: "I was sad that the shoot was over since I had so much fun. Of course, the contestants were great, and I'm still thinking about them; how they were in the first episode and how they evolved. It was amazing, and they had put in a lot of effort. We have to give it up to the contestants for their hard work. The judges were quite helpful and we learned from each contestant. Dr. Burn and Shameshan were quite supportive. Ram, I'm guessing, will receive the most heat from the audience, but in reality, he's such a sweetheart. Everything was perfect, and the show's a must-watch. People are frequently asking what we are doing to encourage emerging talent. Simply watch it in the show."

Ram: "It was one of the best programmes I'd ever worked on, with the best team I'd ever worked with. It will undoubtedly be a turning point for many of us. Not just the contestants and artistes, but also the industry as a whole. Whatever we mention here is very brief, but what happens in the show is much more. To understand what I mean, you must watch the show. Most importantly, you would not have seen a panel of judges like this in a Malaysian show. Also, the contestants' transformations have amazed us. We feel we have built a star worthy of an international scene; in fact, not one, but a few."

In case you've missed the launch, watch it here:

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Don't miss 'Big Stage Tamil', premiering this 12th March, every Saturday and Sunday at 9PM on Vinmeen HD (Ch202).

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