It's been more than half a year since serial actress and VJ Chitra passed away, but her co-stars and fans are not ready to move on. The late actress was found dead by suicide at a private hotel in Chennai on Dec 5, 2020.

One of her co-stars, Saravana Vikram who plays the role of Kanna in Pandian Stores, got emotional in an interview talking about Chithu. He admitted that their bond stretched beyond the screens as he always was fond of her as a sister.

"We used to dance and make videos even after the shoot. She used to teasingly hit me," Saravana said.

He revealed that it's difficult to forget her as someone randomly reminds him of her on or out of the Pandian Stores set. It shows the impact Chitra gave not only her co-stars but the crew who worked with them on set.

Catch his full video here:

There hasn't been any news on Chitra's death investigation after the police confirmed that it was suicide, not murder as speculated by many of her fans. We hope the actress is now in a better place.