Remember the celebrity couple Thadi Balaji and his second wife Nithya Balaji who participated in Bigg Boss S2? They were separated before the show because she accused Balaji of alcoholism and domestic violence.

After Bigg Boss, the couple sorted out their differences and started living together again. However, their reunion was short-lived as both the stars started making allegations about each other once again.

The couple is believed to be living separately and their daughter Poshika lives with Nithya.

In recent times, Nithya has been posting photos of her in modern outfits. She also did Instagram reel duets with young men, which didn't go well with some netizens.

Some netizens pointed out that she's married and has a daughter and it's not appropriate for the Bigg Boss star to post such videos. However, Thadi Balaji came in support of his wife by releasing a statement. Here's what he said:

Source: Little Talks
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz