Ramana and Nantha definitely need to be applauded for their effort in producing Sun Naam Oruvar, a show which focuses on making a difference in people's lives.

Hosted by actor Vishal, this show is graced by famous celebrities who work hard to help struggling families. Here's what the celebrities did to raise funds for these families:

Karthi Sells Thosai

An 18 years old boy who met an unexpected electrical accident at a construction site, lost his both arms and his ability to walk. Here's how the show made a difference in the boy's life:

Keerthy Suresh Sell Clay Pots By The Roadside

A group of people ended up as slaves for borrowing a small amount of cash. Despite working for years, these people are still unable to escape slavery. Here's how the show helped them to regain their freedom:

Soori Works As A Waiter

The head of the house met an accident while rescuing a goat and following that, his wife went mentally ill. It's their 13-year ols daughter who's taking care of them for years since a young age. Here's how they made a difference to their lives:

Andrea Becomes A Street Performer

A highly motivated and talented toddler has vision impairment. Let's see how this show helps to get his life back on track:

Jeeva Manages A Tea Stall

The head of the house was a handicap who works hard to take care of his family. But things took another turn when he met with an accident again and lost his motorbike. Here's how the show changed his life:

Varalaxmi Sells Sugarcane Juice

The father is an alcoholic who turned into drinking after his loving daughter fell in the bathroom and became very ill. Meanwhile, his younger son has eyesight problems. Here's how the show made a difference to this family:

Watch Sun Naam Oruvar every Sunday @ 9.30PM on Sun TV Ch211. Don't miss it!