Iykki Berry is a doctor cum female rapper who's the latest contestant to get eliminated from the Bigg Boss Tamil S5. The singer lasted in the show for 8 weeks and made a lasting impact on the viewers.

Iykki got eliminated during the weekend episode hosted by Ramya Krishnan. Ramya replaced Kamal Haasan who was admitted to the hospital due to Covid-19.

In her recent Instagram live, Iykki revealed several incidents that happened during her stay in the Bigg Boss house. She confessed that she fought with Bigg Boss for changing her hair colour from blond to black and that she doesn't want to meet Kamal that way. In the end, she was relieved that Ramya conducted the show.

Meanwhile, she also clarified regarding a task she played against Niroop. She revealed that she doesn't want to be manhandled and requested Niroop to play a fair game; she appreciated him for doing so.

Besides that, she also revealed that Abishek is her least favourite contestant of all. Check out her live session here: