Serial actress Jayasree and her husband Isvar Ragunath are making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The couple is on the verge of separation after Jayasree claimed of an extramarital affair between her husband and serial actress Mahaletchumy.

Their marriage problem became public when Jayasree was admitted to the hospital after she was allegedly physically abused by her husband, and when she lodged a complaint against him.

Isvar who was arrested following the incident, held a press conference after being bailed out.

"My wife and Mahaletchumy's husband are having an affair and they have plotted this together. She wants to defame me and take away my parent's property, which she locked me out from. She did the same thing to her first husband," he told the press conference.

"She talks as though she cares about her child. If yes, she wouldn't have taken the child for interviews and speak certain things in front of her. Don't pull my daughter into this problem," he added.

Isvar further claimed that he has evidence of Jayasree's alleged extramarital affair.

Mahaletchumy, however, has yet to make any comments regarding this issue.

Watch Isvar's press conference here: