BB Jodigal is the latest sensational dance reality TV show on Vijay TV. The participants of the show are from the previous four seasons of Bigg Boss. Actor Nakkhul and actress Ramya Krishnan are the judges for the show.

Recently, Vanitha left the show after opening up about alleged bullying and harassment at the shooting spot. Her dancing partner Suresh Chakravarthy had to leave as well because of Vanitha's exit.

Following that incident, another news from BB Jodigal is now going viral. Jithan Ramesh is also one of the contestants of the show who has been pared up with Samyuktha. In the latest promo, the actor forgets the dance steps during his performance.

Judge Ramya Krishnan didn't approve of his behaviour and questioned if he deserves a second chance since it would be unfair to all the other contestants. He also claimed that the sword he was holding during the dance is heavy and slippery.

Catch the video here:

Source: Vijay TV