Meera Mitun is a self-proclaimed supermodel who attained fame after joining Bigg Boss S3 reality show. After her elimination, the model-turned-actress created many controversies by accusing stars like Nayanthara, Trisha, and Aishwarya Rajesh of copying her in photoshoots.

Much recently, her derogatory statements about Vijay and Suriya and their wives Sangeetha and actress Jyothika have sparked an uproar among their fans.

Following her remarks, the Kalam Peravai of Puducherry burnt effigies of the actress, creating a commotion in the area. Meera shared the video on Twitter and alleged the media of supporting Suriya and Vijay by airing the news:

On the other hand, Bigg Boss Vanitha recently commented on Meera's online behavior in her interview.

Vanitha explained that 'nepotism' is a practice that has been normalized as part of the Tamil culture for generations.

"There are many celebrities who came from a family of stars and never made it big. We are only looking at Suriya and Vijay, but there many children of big celebrities who can't succeed in the industry. So, 'nepotism' has been fabricated and portrayed wrongly," Vanitha said.

According to her, one can only survive in this industry with talent, not nepotism. She also shared stories of struggle that Vijay faced before rising to the position he is right now.

Talking about Meera, Vanitha requested everyone to simply ignore her, and she will just go on her way. Here's the rest of the interview:

Photo Credit: Cinema Vikatan & Indiaglitz