After the release of 'Ghajini', Suriya and Asin became one of the most raved on-screen couples. Their chemistry was the biggest reason for the film's success. The stars were also good friends off-screen.

However, they drifted apart after an incident involving the film 'Sillunu Oru Kadhal'. Asin was originally offered the role of 'Aishu' before Bhoomika. Despite taking an advance payment and discussing with the producer and director, Asin backed off.

She is believed to have suggested some changes in the script as her role was not given much significance. When the film crew didn't agree, she refused to act in the film. Some sources suggested that Asin was feeling insecure because of Jyothika, who had more importance in the story.

Speaking about the incident in an interview, Suriya opened up that Asin was paid a huge amount as advance, and her role was better than what she did in Sivakasi and Majaa.

"I don't want to rake up old issues. Asin had initially agreed to do the film and my producer, director and cameraman had met her in her house at Kochi and given her a huge advance. Later she backed out saying that the script has to be re-written," he added.

He also explained that it was in the past and he didn't want to discuss it further.

"Let's not talk about it anymore, as bygones are bygones. I feel that Bhoomika has done an outstanding performance as Aishu," Suriya said.

Source: IB Times
Photo Credit: Behindwoods