Suriya and Jyothika are a Kollywood power couple who met in their first film, 'Poovellam Kettupaar,' and fell in love. The celebrity couple married in 2006 and have two children, Diya and Dev. Suriya-Jyothika's ability to balance their thriving acting careers with personal life has been inspirational to many.

Poppy, a dance choreographer who worked with the pair on their hit film 'Kaakka Kaakka,' revealed in a recent interview that she had a crush on Suriya at the time but didn't realise he was dating Jyothika.

In the interview, Poppy claimed she fell in love with Suriya since his first film. She got the opportunity to work as an assistant dance choreographer on 'Kaakka Kaakka'. During the break time of the 'Ennai Konjam Maaatri' song shoot, the choreographer found time to write a love letter and confess her feelings to Suriya.

The shocked actor, however, immediately left the place, but later admitted that he was in a relationship with Jyothika. Poppy also revealed that Jyothika tried to comfort her by pleading with her to give up Suriya. It's surprising how cool Jyothika handled the whole thing, and Poppy is still friends with Suriya's family.

Check out her video here in which she speaks in Telugu:

Source: Indiaglitz
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