They say cinema mirrors life, but in one recent instance, a child sexual abuse survivor has put her abuser behind bars after being inspired by a film to speak out about the incident to her mother.

The movie in question is last year's Ponmagal Vandhal, starring Jyotika, and the survivor is a nine-year-old girl, reported Cinema Express.

The actress recently shared the news on her official Instagram account, saying "Shatter that silence! Each time a woman stands up for herself, unknowingly she stands up for all women."

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According to the report, the child opened up to her mother about undergoing sexual abuse from a 48-year-old relative, after watching a scene from the film that encouraged victims to call out their abusers.

The child's parents lodged a police report following her complaint, and the culprit has since been jailed for five years.

Ponmagal Vandhal was directed by JJ Frederick, and co-starred K Bhagyaraj, Thiyagarajan, Pratap K Pothan, and R Pandiarajan, among others.

The legal drama, which was released on the Amazon Prime streaming platform, spoke about the tedious court processes behind rape cases, and male chauvinism and patriarchy.

It was produced by Jyotika's husband, actor Surya, under the 2D entertainment banner.

Source: Cinema Express
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