Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal (K2K) was a local Tamil series that garnered many fans when it aired on Vinmeen HD (231) throughout September.

Astro recently caught the cast and crew of the sci-fi romantic series to talk about their experiences and challenges in working on the project.

Director Karthik Shamalan

What is this series about and what was the inspiration behind it?

The series ia about a heartbroken couple - Harish and Sowmya, from the year 2050, getting an opportunity to travel back in time via a "Neurons Travel" method to correct their past mistake, and to have a better life which brings happiness to them. What makes the process difficult is that Sowmiya wants to stop her younger self from falling in love with Harish, but Harish, on the other hand, wants to make sure he doesn't repeat the mistake he did before, to have a better life with Sowmiya. The story takes a hugr turn after the "future" Sowmiya successfully stops her younger self from falling for Harish. What ensues is an emotional roller-coaster ride.

How has your transition been from directing supernatural and thriller series/films, such as Kalvanai Kandupidi, and The Farm: En Vittu Thottathil (both of which are available to stream on Astro on demand), to a romance series? What are the biggest differences?

I love thrillers just as much as I love romance and other genres too. Doing a film like ‘The Farm’, I needed more time to understand how to tell a story without dialogue. To make ‘Kalvanai Kandupidi’ it needed more dialogues and actions together to tell a story. But both still had some romance and scenes centered around human emotions. And, ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’, is all about human emotions and behavior readings. The sci-fi part and the tricky non-linear script was what made the whole process of ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’ interesting and more difficult to execute. For example, dialogues from episode 1 will be linked to episode 17; and dialogues from episode 6 will be linked to episode 22. These links required more concentration and planning to maintain the right emotions to reach audiences. This part was the most challenging and yet exciting, for the writer in me.

Kindly share your thoughts about the opportunities Astro provides to local talents and the local Indian film industry?
Astro Vinmeen has been tremendously supportive towards young, local talents and I am proud to say that I’m one of their products that got the right recognition from audiences. To agree to a script like ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’ is definitely notable. Astro has been carefully choosing excellent scripts from young, vibrant teams and this creates a great platform for many talents to shine. Thank you, Astro!

Now, the cast of the series talk about their respective roles and the memorable moments from the show.

Magendran Raman: My role in ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’ is ‘Bakyanathan’, a time-traveled avatar from 2050 to 2020, who has come to change his mistakes in the past, to have a better life in the future with loved ones.

Malarmeni Perumal: I played ‘Miya’, a heartbroken person suffering from her failed marriage. She wants to change her fate in order to find happiness. She is someone who always carries a red element in her appearance, be it in her clothing, accessories or pottu on her forehead. Miya also places importance on others throughout her life and decides to prioritize self-importance before anything else at one point of her life. She is bold and determined to achieve her goals. A character with a roller coaster of emotions.

Yuvaraj Krishnasamy: I play ‘Harish’ in ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’. This character is a blessing because I consider this as one of the finest characters I have played to date. This character is fairly peculiar but yet I can relate to the minute details about him. Harish forms the crux of the story alongside Sowmiya, and that gave me immense responsibility. Fortunately, I was under the wing of Karthik Shamaalan and an amazing cast and crew that helped me bring the best out in me. In a nutshell, I feel very happy being Harish and for the positive reception garnered by the series.

Pashini Sivakumar: I play Sowmiya. She’s an introvert and a reserved person, unlike my actual personality, which is extroverted. So, it was quite challenging to tone down my intonation and body language for this character. Sowmiya has a stutter due to her tragic past. She’s from a broken family. Her dad was abusive and she was also a victim. This has changed her perspective on men. She lives with a pre-conceived notion, which later creates many issues.

Can you share your most memorable moments from working on this show?

Magendran Raman: For me, the most memorable moment would be the scene inside the room when I shout at Harish, and go inside a room, and he comes in to meet me. I love the whole scene, especially the dialogue “nee siricha naan siricha maari” because that’s the first scene I start to feel for Bakyanathan, his pain and his struggles to get back Sowmiya.

Malarmeni Perumal: There are quite a number of memorable moments. Being part of the team and working with Karthik itself, is memorable enough. A team that I cherish a lot. A team full of respect for everyone in the set. The laughter and joy are so close to my heart. Having every meal together is very dear to me. After every emotional scene, Karthik and Soma will make sure that I was okay. I am grateful for the care and love given to me. There was one scene in episode 18 with Pashini where the script brought out unresolved issues in me. I cried so hard for even after the end of that scene. Pashini hugged me tightly till I let go what I had held inside me for years. Literally, the dialogues depicted the voice in me. That will be my utmost memorable moment. I'm at peace with my inner self. Thank you Karthik for giving me Miya.

Yuvaraj Krishnasamy: There are many to share regarding the memorable moments working in ‘Kalyaanam 2 Kaathal’. Firstly, acting under director Karthik Shaamalan. It is my very first time working with him and every day was a learning experience for me. We also shared crazy moments and laughter on set during break times. We worked in a fun, stress-free, positive and a disciplined working environment from start to finish. Another memorable moment for me was definitely sharing screen space with Magendran, Pashini, Malarmeni Perumal and all the other talented pool of actors. Even upcoming actors - Ravin Rao, Vijay, Dishaleny, Ramitasri and Thiru did extremely well. We were like a family and shared many unforgettable moments.

Pashini Sivakumar: My most memorable moment on set was the bus stop scene where I had to explain about Sowmiya’s past. The lines were too impactful that I couldn’t hold my emotions in even during the rehearsal, making that scene a challenge. In another scene from episode 14, I had to shift emotions from first being speechless, and the burst out crying, then get angry. That six minute scene was challenging and definitely unforgettable.

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