Kamal Haasan has achieved nearly everything there is to achieve in the film world - he has made tonnes of money, won tremendous acclaim and gained much respect for his contributions to the Indian film industry.

Can he now work his magic in politics? The actor-turned-politician has begun campaigning for his party, Makkal Needhi Maiam or MNM, in the upcoming Indian elections which will begin in a couple of weeks.

His campaign pledge is simple: he is promising water, jobs and no corruption.

"By checking looting alone we can run two states. We would be corruption free. Along the IT Corridor alone we can generate two lakh jobs. Give us a chance we would prove ourselves. After being lazy for forty years they can't say how can we do this. We will do it," he said, during a road show last week.

Kamal himself is not contesting the elections, but his MNM party will be fielding 58 candidates in total.

With the fight against corruption as a central plank in his campaign, Kamal is not aligning with Tamil Nadu giants DMK and AIADMK. He is also not allying with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP party. And with him not tying up with Congress either, it looks like if Kamal manages to secure a victory for his candidates, he could be on his way to becoming a Bigg Boss in real life.