In the latest episode of Bigg Boss S4, popular actor Jayam Ravi takes the stage along with the show's host Kamal Haasan for the teaser release of his upcoming movie 'Bhoomi'.

Jayam Ravi beamed with happiness as he got to witness his favourite show with his favourite star, and his fanboy moment was the highlight of this episode.

He further took this opportunity to talk about his past encounters with Kamal, and even Kamal was shocked as he was not aware of it before.

Jayam Ravi confessed that he worked as the assistant director in Kamal's dream project 'Aalavandhan' at the age of 21.

"I used to admire Kamal's dedication from far and always avoid going in front of him. I was petrified of meeting him in person," he revealed.

Ravi further revealed that it was Kamal who blessed and kick-started his career at the prayers of his very first movie 'Jayam' and attributed Kamal's blessing for his success in the industry.

Kamal who was shocked with the details allowed Ravi to make a small announcement regarding elimination.

Ravi got thrilled and even begged Kamal to allow him to stay longer in the show, to which Kamal agreed with the condition that he should leave right before the final eviction announcement.