Kamal Hassan is called Ulaganayagan for a reason. The actor is known to give his all to a character and strives for perfection not only in his films but in every role he's given. Though he didn't have much hosting experience before the Bigg Boss show, Kamal has been a natural at conducting the weekend episodes for the last three seasons.


Recently, on Bigg Boss 3, Mugen Rao was required to pose a question to Kamal as his given character, Ilayathalapathy Vijay. Mugen chose to ask a tricky question that might land Kamal in trouble.

"It's a simple question. If you enter the Bigg Boss house as a contestant, which contestant will you replace? You cannot come as Kamal sir but need to come as one of the contestants with their character," Mugen asked.

At first, Kamal appeared speechless at first and then answered Tharshan. He explained that Tharshan played Kamal's character (as Thenali Soman) even before this show. In a film called Thenali, Kamal played the Sri Lankan Tamil who visits Chennai to treat his phobias developed due to the trauma of the Sri Lankan Civil War.

While Kamal only played a role in a film, Tharshan was actually the real Thenali. Due to that, the actor has great respect for those who survived the traumatic experiences of the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Judging from Kamal's deep respect for Sri Lankan Tamils and his wish to enter the Bigg Boss house as Tharshan, it's safe to say that Kamal is rooting for Tharshan to be the title winner of Bigg Boss 3. Also, Kamal's respect for Tharshan might also play well for him during the public voting in the final.

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Source: Vijay TV
Photo Credit: DGZ Media & Suryan FM