The Bigg Boss S4 is the most-watched and talked about reality show at the moment.

Recently, Sanam Shetty was evicted from the show and netizens took social media to show their dissatisfaction over it.

Some were angry that inactive participants such as Shivani, Ajeedh and Nisha escaped the eviction - and named them as 'mixture', a word created after a snack to label someone who just eats all the time and doesn't participate in the game.

Among them is former participant Kasthuri who accused Vijay TV of being biased, and state that Sanam's eviction was unfair.

Following that, a netizen trolled Kasthuri for supporting Mugen in the previous season, whom he referred to as a mixture.

Kasthuri got back by saying the viewers are only watching 1-hour per day and only the contestants know how Mugen and herself performed last season.

Check out her post here: