Chitra and Kumaran are popular on-screen couples who play the famous character Mullai and Kathir in the Vijay TV serial Pandiyan Stores.

Despite their amazing chemistry in the drama, the couple is not fond of each other in real life.

In a recent award show, Kumaran has refused to accept the 'Best Couple' award along with Chitra. While Chitra claimed that she was not aware of the incident, Kumaran has posted a video admitting the misunderstandings between them.

"Chitra refused to dance with me on a show because I'm a married man. That sparked the misunderstandings between us. But we will continue to give the best as Kathir-Mullai for our fans," he revealed in a video.

Here's what he said:

Following his revelation, both Kumaran and Chitra have mended their differences and posted another video saying that they are back to being good friends once again.

Here's what they said: