The freeze task is going on in the Bigg Boss S3 reality show, where the family members of the contestants will be paying a visit.

However, since Kavin's mother and two other relatives were arrested and jailed for money laundering, he was visited by a friend instead.

Kavin's close friend Pradeep Anthony, who was criticising Kavin's actions via his social media accounts the entire time, paid a visit to the Bigg Boss house.

Before leaving, Pradeep proceeded to point out the mistakes Kavin did in the show and slapped him in the presence of the housemates who were instructed to freeze by Bigg Boss.

He further asked Kavin to return the slap on stage, if he wins the title and hugged him before leaving the house.

Previously, Losliya's parents came into the show and showed frustration over Losliya and Kavin's relationship.

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Image credit: Vijay TV