Anyone who has been following the Bigg Boss 3 Tamil show closely would know about the special friendship between Kavin and Losliya. The 'couple' is fondly known as 'Kaviliya' to their fans.

When Kavin decided to leave the show after picking up the Rs 5 lakhs (approximately RM29,000) offered to him, Losliya couldn't let him go. She went as far as blocking the entrance door from closing.

After Kavin's exit from the show, #KavinArmy is now focusing on making Losliya the winner on Bigg Boss 3. Tweets from Kavin's fans indicate that voting for Losliya is their main priority now.

Some netizens have been posting tweets showing hundreds of votes cast for Losliya because of their love for Kavin.

While the method they are using to cast the fake votes is not determined, it has been a matter of concern for Bigg Boss's audience who wants to see a deserving contestant win, especially since Tharshan's unexpected eviction. Some are even wondering why Sandy, who has been by Kavin through his hurdles in the house, is not receiving the love and support similar to Losliya.

Even Tharshan mentioned in his most recent video that support should be given to the most deserving but not out of pity or sympathy.

Do you think #KavinArmy should sit back and let the audience choose the real winner instead of casting fake votes? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter & Twipu