Power Star Srinivasan is a doctor cum actor, who shot to fame after playing a prominent role in Santhanam's 'Kanna Laddu Thinge Asaya'.

The actor has always dreamt of becoming a hero, even though he shined well as a comedian. However, it was not a smooth journey for him.

"I was a doctor, and I joined the cinema industry to pursue my passion. But I was a newcomer and many ended up cheating me. I lost about 30 to 40 crores in making movies," revealed the actor.

He further said that he lost his hospital while he was busy acting in the movies. Previously, the actor was kidnapped for unknown reasons.

"I was called for a discussion regarding a movie before I got kidnapped. A lady was behind the plan and I'm ready to face her legally. I've lost so much after joining the industry because I trusted the wrong people," he said.

In regards to Bigg Boss, the actor said that he had been invited twice to join the show. But he couldn't join the show due to some reasons.

"I'm ready to join Bigg Boss S4 if they invited me this time," revealed the actor.

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