The dispute between Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and Vanitha Vijayakumar is never-ending as the duo has started slamming each other on social media once again.

The dispute between both actresses started after Lakshmy made degrading remarks about Vanitha for marrying Peter Paul while ignoring his legal wife's plea.

The duo got into a heated argument during a live interview, and Lakshmy even took to social media to announce that she will no longer get involved in matters related to Vanitha. She, however, helped Peter Paul's legal wife secure a job and a stable life.

Now the dispute between both the actresses has commenced once again after Lakshmy reacted to a post by Vanitha which was meant to be a promotional stunt for the 'Pickup Drop' movie.

In return, Vanitha labelled Lakshmy as a poisonous lady and her ardent fan. Check out how Lakshmy Ramakrishnan indirectly requested the media to stop posting about Vanitha: