The unexpected death of South Indian actress and model Sahana shook the film industry. The "Lockdown" actress was found hanging from the window railing of her Cheravathur flat in Kerala on April 13.

Earlier, police authorities believed that the actress had killed herself, but her parents raised suspicion of murder. Sahana's parents alleged that their daughter was a victim of domestic abuse and emotional trauma at the hands of her husband, Sajjad, who also prevented her from meeting them.

In a crucial development in the investigation, police has discovered Sahana's diary, in which she has detailed alleged abuse by her husband. Her brother found the diary.

In the diary, Sahara alleged that Sajjad, fondly known as Senju, used to abuse her physically, and his family members involved in the abuse as well. Her diary entries start as early as 20 days after her wedding, indicating unhappiness with her husband.

On one occasion, Senju and his family allegedly left Sahana to starve at their home, and she was purportedly only allowed to have two slices of bread. Her diary also described alleged Senju's financial difficulties, and she said that she was unhappy because of their miserable life.

"Senju's mother wants a servant. She doesn't want a daughter-in-law; she finds happiness by criticising me. Senju told me that we will shift to a new house soon," Sahana reportedly wrote.

The police have said that Senju had drug addiction problems, after seizing several types of drugs from his home. On 13 May, he was taken into custody and remanded. The probe is still ongoing.

Source: First Post & Mathrubumi English
Photo Credit: Pinkvilla & Mathrubumi English