Swami Swarupanand was a great Hindu saint born in Pawas, a small village near Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. He was given the name Shri Ramchandra Vishnupant Godbole at birth and went on to be known as "Appa" in his later years.

Born on 15 December 1903, he had been very spiritual since he was a young boy. Active, inquisitive, and intelligent, he was fond of devotional songs and his grandfather used to teach him many Hindu mantras. At the age of ten, he even studied the Bhagavad Gita.

After the death of his father, he decided to leave his home in his native village at the age of 17 to find a job city of Pune to support his mother and sister.

He soon set up a clothing store but never forgot about his spiritual life.

He practised meditation and namasmaran (remembering the name of God). He even found the time to study the Dnyaneshvari and Dasabodh.

He started a school in Pawas called Swawalambanashram and in 1968, that he met his sadguru (spiritual guide), Swami Swarupananda of Pawas.

In 1973, Swami Swarupananda entrusted him with the responsibility of carrying forward the spiritual tradition of the Nath Sampradaya.

He went on to translate the Marathi book, "Dnyaneshwari", which was written by Saint Dnyaneshwar.

The language used in this book was very difficult to understand for the common people. He translated the book into the simple Marathi language known as "Abhang Dnyaneshwari". He also translated the "Changdev Pasashti", "Bhagavad Gita" and "Amrutanubhav" into Marathi.

He participated in the freedom fight movement of that time and was arrested and jailed. Yet, he had no bitterness in his heart and used that time to develop his spiritual self even further.

Swamiji's ideal life and lucid teachings removed several misconceptions regarding spirituality. He practised what he preached. His life showed that outward appearances like long beards, beads and saffron clothing, meaningless rituals and severe penance have nothing to do with self-realisation.

Even after his right side was paralysed in 1991, Swamiji continued to initiate disciples and deliver discourses despite his ailment. Swamiji's magnetic personality, powerful oratory, love and compassion continued to attract several people until he passed away on 30 July 1996.

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Source: Hinduism Facts
Photo Source: Meri News