Lijomol Jose and Manikandan Kabali have been honoured with prestigious awards at the Osaka Tamil Film Festival for their performances in the critically acclaimed Tamil film Jai Bhim. The film, produced by Suriya and directed by Tha Se Gnanavel, has been receiving accolades at various award functions.

At the Osaka Tamil Film Festival, Jai Bhim received the awards for Best Supporting Actor of the Year (Male) and Best Supporting Actor of the Year (Female). This recognition highlights the exceptional performances delivered by Lijomol Jose and Manikandan Kabali in their respective roles.

Jai Bhim revolves around the story of a tribal woman who seeks the assistance of retired Madras High Court Judge K Chandru to locate her missing husband. The film delves into themes of caste prejudice, corruption, and police misconduct within the criminal justice system, shedding light on these issues through a captivating narrative.

The success and recognition garnered by Jai Bhim showcase the film's impact in addressing important social issues and the commendable performances by its cast.

Source / Image Credit: CineJosh