Thevar Magan is a famous movie starring star casts such as the late Sivaji Ganesan, Kamal Haasan, Revathy, Gauthami, and a child artist who has now turned into a well-known television actress.

This actress is none other than Neelima Rani who began her career as a child artist and started playing supporting roles in movies upon growing up.

Upon debuting in Thevar Magan, the actress also starred in Pandavar Bhoomi, Album, and Virumbugiren as a kid.

The actress became a serial artist in 1998 and have quite a successful career to-date. Neelima later turned into a TV host and now she has shifted her interest into producing soap operas, while still working on serials and movies.

Despite her successful decades-old career, the actress has recently changed her name from Neelima Rani to Neelima Esai after getting advised by a horoscope reader.