We spoke to talented local personalities about their celebrations and the exciting line up of local Tamil shows on Astro for the Chitthirai Puthandu.

Ahila, Kalakkal Kaalai host, RAAGA

What are some of your Chithirai Puthandu celebration plans this year?

This year’s celebrations will be low-key for me, as I will be staying home but we will enjoy cooking some scrumptious vegetarian meals and also carry out prayers. While I usually try to spend the new year with family, I am unable to do so this year since we are not allowed to travel. It is also my first Chithirai Puthandu as a married woman, so I look forward to celebrating it with my husband for the first time.

Please share your Chithirai Puthandu greetings to your fans

Every great start begins with us. Let us take this Chithirai Puthandu as a new beginning and start on things we have been planning to. Have a safe Chitthirai Puthandu.

Dev Rajah, Director, Kaigeh Turun

Kaigeh Turun is a concert bringing together legendary local artistes such as Darkkey, OG Dass, Mista G, Lockup Nathan, Lockup Xavier, Alinda and more, as they join forces to present a spectacular line-up of power-packed performances.

What was it like getting this concert in place?

I was approached by the producer for a nostalgic show, which led to me doing lots of research on famous veteran singers and the songs which brought them fame. This inspired me to bring the song back with a refreshed performance, offering a new look and feel, including a new set and lighting. By doing this, we could unite many local veteran singers on the same set. And that’s how KAIGEH TURUN was born.

What are some special aspects of this concert you hope Astro customers will enjoy?

Astro customers will be able to enjoy this rare concert experience in HD quality with high-quality audio as well. Additionally, fans can enjoy back-to-back performances of their favourite local singers in the comfort of their homes during this celebration.

Watch Kaigeh Turun premiering on 13 April, 9.30pm on Astro Vinmeen HD (Ch 202). Stream anytime on Astro GO and On Demand

Shalini Balasundaram, Director, Producer & Cast, Sara

Sara is a psychology student and part-time nanny. Her dad used to be an exorcist but quit after Sara faced an issue. Sara is appointed as Mithra’s new nanny. Sara then comes across unexpected incidents and witnesses eerie circumstances and horrifying situations which endangers Mithra. Sara slowly learns about a mysterious character, Janu. Will Sara solve this puzzle and will she save Mithra?

What was your experience like directing, producing and acting in Sara?

Sara is a horror telemovie which in my opinion, is the most difficult genre to tackle as a producer, director and actress. As my husband and I were the writers, we had the chance to think as producers while we were writing it. We had the freedom to explore and experiment as suitable.

As a director, it was challenging to work with a seven-year-old actress. However, with her talent, I was able to work with her for the performance I needed. We also had to synchronise the three ‘languages’ needed for a horror show: visual, performance and sound, to ensure a good finish. Our work routine was from 6pm to 7am, which was also another challenge. Sara uses a lot of method acting, and I did work on special classes for it before the filming began.

What was your inspiration behind Sara?

I have always wanted to work on horror film relatable to Malaysians, and we added a localized touch – a ‘yoyo’ – for kids in Malaysia or Asia to relate to.

Watch the premiere of Sara, a local Chithirai Puthandu special on 14 April, 9.30pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (Ch 201). Stream anytime on Astro GO and On Demand.

Hemaji & Magendran Raman, Cast, Supramani

An engineer with dementia races against time to encode the memory he saved into his home-assistant robot to solve the mystery of his missing colleagues.

Could you share with us your experience in Supramani?

Hemaji: It was amazing as it was my first time acting with robot and the storyline was unique.

Magendran Raman: Supramani is first robotic local Tamil series, and playing the lead in this series a special experience.

Please share with us some of your memorable experiences acting alongside a robot.

Hemaji: Building chemistry between a machine (robot) and humans was difficult but it happened and working alongside a robot gave me goosebumps.

Magendran Raman: I played the main lead as a ‘scientist’ who created the robot, this genre and role was a first for me and was indeed memorable.

Watch Supramani, Mondays to Fridays, 8pm on Astro Vaanavil HD (Ch 201). Stream episodes anytime via Astro GO or On Demand.