The late producer Chandra Haasan had always been happy playing supporting roles in his younger brother films, however, director Stephen Rangaraj saw something in him that he felt made him perfect for his project and managed to convince Chandra to play the hero in his film hilariously titled "Appathava Aataiya Pottutanga" (They stole our grandmother).

In the film, Chandra plays an elderly man who is helped by his friends to reunite with his childhood sweetheart played by Sheila, who is the maternal aunt of Vijay and mother of Vikranth.

At the launch, the crew praised the older Haasan for his work ethics - Chandra had made sure that he completed filming all his portions and dubbing before his unfortunate passing.

He was clearly missed by everyone who had worked on the film because they couldn't stop talking and praising him.

His younger brother, Kamal Haasan had attended the launch of the first look and looked emotional.

Although the filming had began in 2017 and was supposed to be released the same year, it had faced some delays. The film had wrapped just a few months before the passing of Chandra on 18 March 2017.

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Source: News Today
Photo Credit: Indiaglitz