Vinmeen HD viewers can rejoice as the channel is bringing a top notch sci-fi series this April.

The series titled Mente is the brainchild of the enthusiastic couple Satish Nadarajah and Shalini Balasundram, who wrote, shaped and are now excited to present their innovative creation to the viewers.

In a recent press meet, the couple finally answered one question playing in everyone's mind. What is mente?

"Mente refers to 'mind' in Latin, and in the sci-fi series, it refers to a mind erasing technology which shapes the entire storyline," revealed the drama's writer cum executive producer Shalini.

The series's main casts C Kumaresan, Datin Shaila Nair, Sham Vanan and Yasmin Nadiah also graced the event to share what to expect from the highly anticipated series.

"This is my first project after my 2-year break, and I least expected to play a role which requires me to use my martial art skills," revealed Yasmin Nadiah who'll be playing a rugged Mente doctor in the series.

Meanwhile, the series' lead star CK, who plays an ex-policeman, revealed that he had trouble understanding the story at first, but enjoyed playing every bit of the given role as the shooting progressed.

So what happens when Tara wakes up one day without her past memories? Find out how the story unfolds every Monday to Friday at 9pm from 1st April onwards, on Vinmeen HD CH202.